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07 Dec 2022

Online loan application is LIVE!

We are now accepting online loan applications!

06 Dec 2022

Kids Christmas Activity Booklet

Download our free Christmas booklet here

02 Dec 2022

Christmas Opening Hours

Our Christmas and New Year opening hours

24 Nov 2022

AGM 2022

Our AGM will take place on Tuesday 29th November at 7pm

20 Oct 2022

Portadown Credit Union celebrates International Credit Union Day® 2022

Thursday 20th October is International Credit Union Day!

14 Oct 2022

Kids Halloween Activity Booklet

Download our free Halloween activity booklet

11 Oct 2022

Portadown Credit Union does Country comes to Town

Portadown Credit Union took part in Country comes to Town 2022

01 Oct 2022

Our new app is live! DOWNLOAD NOW

Download our new app and get your NEW PIN.

01 Oct 2022

Facebook £200 Vouchers Member Giveaway- Winner

Our Facebook £200 vouchers member giveaway winner announced

24 Sep 2022

Junior Savers Week- 26th September

Encouraging and educating young people on the importance of saving.


Insurance Types

Insurance Types

Portadown Credit Union offers its members a range of insurance products on savings and loans, as well as Death Benefit Insurance.

Insurance on Savings

Portadown Credit Union, like other Credit Unions affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions offers its members a unique and, most importantly, free insurance product.

Every pound which you save, up to the age of 55, in the event of your death is doubled. This applies to a maximum savings value of £15,000 and is payable to the person you have recommended on your form of nomination.

Savings made between the ages of 55 and 70 still receive an insurance premium, but the amount that is applied reduces as the member gets older.

  • Every £1 saved before the age of 55- Provides £1 of insurance
  • Every £1 saved between the age of 55- 59- Provides 75p of insurance
  • Every £1 saved between the age of 60- 64- Provides 50p of insurance
  • Every £1 saved between the age of 65- 69- Provides 25p of insurance

Life Insurance on Loans

Portadown Credit Union offers its members free life insurance on loans. This is available to any member who is actively in work or is in good health when the loan is granted. All loans must be paid in full before the member’s 85th birthday.

Death Benefit Insurance

Death Benefit Insurance (DBI) is available to anyone who is in good health and who joins Portadown Credit Union in advance of their 70th birthday. Minors are covered automatically.

DBI provides £2,000 of insurance cover to a Member’s nominated person in the event of their death.