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11 Jul 2024

Member Reminder: Transfers

Bank holiday transfer information

09 Jul 2024

Our Second Winner!

Could it be you next month?

03 Jul 2024

PCU supports St Oliver Plunketts Colour Run

Looked like a fantastic day

02 Jul 2024

PCU donates to Ashgrove Pre-School Playgroup

Local playgroup receives a donation

02 Jul 2024

Office Closure- 12th and 13th July

We will be closed on 12th and 13th July for the bank holiday

02 Jul 2024

4x £100 School Uniform Voucher Member Giveaway

Member draw on Facebook and in office

25 Jun 2024

FREE in office advertising

Open to all local businesses and events

18 Jun 2024

Updating your PCU account details

Come into the office to update your details

12 Jun 2024

Our First Winner!

Could it be you next month?

25 May 2024

CLOSED- Complete our member survey

For those who enter, there will be a choice to enter a draw to win 1 of our 10 local business vouchers (of your choice)

Join us today! How to get started

1. Download our Mobile App

1. Download our Mobile App

2. Make sure you have valid ID ready

2. Make sure you have valid ID ready

3. Complete the form

3. Complete the form

4. Verify your Identity

4. Verify your Identity

5. Upload required documentation

5. Upload required documentation

6. Sit back and wait for us to review and approve

6. Sit back and wait for us to review and approve

Download today and reap the benefits of becoming a member.


Membership Made Easy

Membership Made Easy

With advanced biometric facial verification, and the ability to submit proof of ID, we're offering you a safe and reliable way to become a member.


Common Bond

All Credit Unions have a common bond – something which unites its members. Here at Portadown Credit Union our common bond is that our members must live or work in the Portadown area or surrounding townlands. Our common bond consists of the immediate Portadown area and the following town lands:

  • Aghanergill or Corglass, Annaboe, Annagh, Annaghmore, Annagora, Annahugh, Annakeera, Ardress East, Ardress West, Artabrackagh
  • Bakkymakeown, Ballintaggart, Ballydonaghy, Ballydugan, Ballyfodrin, Ballygargan, Ballyhagan, Ballyhannon, Ballyleny, Ballylough, Ballylum, Ballymacanallen, Ballymacrandal, Ballymagerny, Ballynagarrick, Ballynaghy, Ballynagow, Ballynarry, Ballyoran, Ballytrue, Ballytyrone, Ballywilly, Ballyworkan, Bleary, Bocombra, Bottlehill, Brackagh, Breagh, Brughas
  • Cannagola Beg, Cannagola More, Canoneill, Carn, Carrick, Castleraw, Clare, Clonakale, Cloncarrish, Cloncore, Clonmacash, Clonmakate, Clonmartin, Clonroot, Clontylew, Clownagh, Coharra, Coose, Coragh, Corbracky, Corcrain, Corcullentragh Beg, Corcullentragh More, Cornalack, Cornamucklagh, Cornascreeb, Cranagill, Creenagh, Crewcat, Cushenny
  • Derrinraw, Derryall, Derryanvil, Derryaugh, Derrybrughas, Derrycaw, Derrycory, Derrycrew, Derryhale, Derrykeevan, Derrykerran, Derrylard, Derrylettif, Derrylilleagh, Derryloughan, Derrymacfall, Derrymattry, Derryneskan, Derryvane, Derryvore, Diviny, Dressogagh, Drumalis, Drumannon, Drumanphy, Drumaran, Drumard (Jones) (Detached Portion), Drumard (Jones) (Main Portion), Drumard (Primate), Drumcree, Drumgoose, Drumharrif, Drumharriff, Drumhorc, Druminallyduff, Drumlellum, Drumlisnagrilly, Drummenagh, Drummiller, Drumnacanvy, Drumnagoon, Drumnakelly, Drumnascamph, Drumnasoo
  • Edenderry, Eglish
  • Farra, Fernagreevagh, Foy Beg, Foy More
  • Gallrock, Garvaghy, Grange Lower, Grange Upper
  • Hacknahay (Main Portion and Detached Portion)
  • Kernan, Kilcon, Killycomain, Kilmacanty, Kilmagamish, Kilmore, Kilmoriarty, Kingarve, Knock, Knockmenagh, Knocknagore, Knocknamuckley
  • Leganny, Lenaderg, Levaghery, Levalleglish, Lisamintry, Lisavague, Lisnafiffy (Seapatrick), Lisnafiffy (Tullylish), Lisneany, Lisnisky, Lissheffield, Loughans, Loughgall, Lurgancot, Lylo
  • Magaraty, Maghery, Maghon, Money, Moyallan, Muckery, Mullabrack, Mulladry, Mullaletragh, Mullantine, Mullavilly
  • Richhill or Legacorry, Richmount or Aghavellan, Roughan
  • Seagoe Lower, Seagoe Upper, Selshion
  • Tamnaficarbet, Tamnafilglassan, Tarsan, Tarthlogue, Tavanagh, Teagy, Timakeel, Timulkenny, Tullylish, Tullymore, Tullyrain
  • Unshinagh

Join Using Your Phone

We’ve created an intelligent and secure method for you to become a member directly through your mobile phone. All you have to do is download our Mobile App to take full advantage of joining as you go.

Secure Facial Verification

We use advanced biometric facial technology to capture and verify who you are. Simply take a quick selfie and you’re done. This intuitive technology, ensures becoming a member is quicker than ever.

Reliable Identity Check

We’ve created a way for you to share proof of ID with us that’s both secure and reliable. As you progress with your application, you will be given an opportunity to show your ID there and then. There’s no waiting around.

Quick Online Access

Quick Online Access

Once your membership has been approved, we'll text you a temporary pin so you can have immediate access to your online account. You won’t have to worry about anything, we will do the rest.


Membership Fees

All adult members must pay a £1 affiliation fee annually and hold £10 savings in their account at all times. Once a new account has been created, a deposit of at least £11 must be made within 2 days, this can be done in the following ways:

  • Over the phone - You can make debit card payments over the phone by calling the office on (028) 38335104
  • In person at Portadown Credit Union- 26 Market Street, Portadown

Deposits can be made by cash, cheque or debit payment

Minor Accounts

If you are a parent/guardian, you can open a minor saving account for the child, if they’re under the age of 16.

In order to open this account, you will need:

  1. Child’s long birth certificate
  2. Valid photographic ID of the individual opening the account e.g. passport or driving license
  3. Proof of address (physical proof dated within the past 3 months e.g. utility bill)

Minor accounts can only be open in office and they will mature into adult accounts when the child reaches the age of 16. At this time, the 16 year old will have sole access to the account and the money held in it.